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National/International Organisations
Australian Society for Horticultural Science
Florida State Horticultural Society
Society for Growing Australian Plants :
Forestry Programme of the FAO of the United Nations :
The USDA Agricultural Research Service :
The American Horticultural Therapy Association :
The Botanical Association of America :
The American Society for Horticultural Science :
The Australian Hibiscus Society Inc.  :
Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center :
The Australian Horticultural Conference :
Horticulture Guernsey (UK) :
Sri Lanka Agribisness on-line :
State Research Institute Geisenheim, Germany (in German) :

Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture, Lucknow , India :
Precision Farming Development Centre, CISH, Lucknow , India :
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Gardening/Horticultural Societies

Australian Society for Horticultural Science
Florida State Horticultural Society
Society for Growing Australian Plants :
The American Horticultural Therapy Association :
The Botanical Association of America :
The American Society for Horticultural Science :
The Australian Hibiscus Society Inc.  :
The Royal Horticultural Society (UK):

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Sites of Academic Interest

FLHOR Department of CIRAD:
Virginia Tech, Dept. of Horticulture:
New Crops Home Page:
Aggie Horticulture - Texas Hortic. Program:
Australian Correspondence School-Hortic.:
Hydroponic Production of Lettuce and Spinach:
Fachhochschule Weihenstephan (Germany):
North Carolina State University, Dept. of Horticulture:
Central Laboratory for Agricultural Climates, Egypt:
Oregon State University, Dept. of Horticulture:
University of California, Fruit&Nut Research:
Univ.of Florida, Dept. of Environmental Horticulture:
Institute for Horticultural Development, Victoria, Australia:
Tree Fruit Res.& Extension Center, Washingtonn State Univ., USA:
Experimental Station Zuid-Nederland, the Netherlands:
State University of Ghent (Belgium):
Univ.of Horticulture & Fd Industry of Budapest Study Programs:
Istituto Ecofisiologia Piante Arboree da Frutto:
NOVAGate Forestry-Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences:
Iowa State University Department of Horticulture:
Horticultural Production Chains/Wageningen Univ::

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Special Interest Groups

Mango Resources Information System:
Mango Encyclopedia:
Tropical Fruit Tree Genetic Resource Network:
Journal of Applied Horticulture : http://www. horticultureresearch .net
Horticulture World: www. horticultureworld .net
The Internet Garden:
International Centre for Research in Agroforestry:
Consultative Group on Int'l Agric. Research:
Australian National Botanic Garden:
Herbarium Plant Photos:
Horticulture in Virtural Perspective:
Integrated Botanical Information System:
IOBC/SEARS IPM in Greenhouses:
Wild Blueberry Association of North America:
Northwest Berry and Grape Infonet (Pacific NW):
Greenhouse Vegetable Information:
Pedigree 'A Genetic Resource Inventory System':
Model-it: Modelling in the Agri-Food Chain:
Pineapple News :
Greig & Associates, Pineapple:
The Rose Resource:
Sustainable Apple Production:
The Official International Hibiscus Register:
Perennial Gardening (Romance and Comedy):
1000 Organizations active in Perennial plants ATCROS
The Potato Patch:
The International Hibiscus Register:
Pagina de fisiologie vegetal aplicade i biotec.dels cultius (Catalan):
The University of Florida - Tropical Fruit CD:
The University of Florida - Florida Citrus CD:
US Environmental Protection Agency:
Small Fruit Breeding Program, PARC, Agassiz, Canada:
ENVEG (Optimum use of Nitrogen Fertiliser in Vegetables Project):
Botanic Garden of Smith College:
Cornell University - Poisonous Plants Web Page:
Pomology Resources Center:
The International Society of Citriculture :
Spice Paprika web site :
Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book:
The Gardenweb:

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Other Useful Links

USDA National Agricultural Library:
Agricultural Network Information Center:
Scientific Journals on the Internet:
Links to more than 3,400 sites on plants:

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Commercial Sites on Horticulture

Floriculture Worldwide Network:
CAB International:
The Green Beam:
Timber Press:
Global Agribusiness Information Network:
Agribisnis Indonesia:
Belgian Endive Marketing Board:
Greenearth Publishing:
eHarvest: Canada's Agricultural Internet Directory and Magazine:
Gary Fasula – Foliagecare:
De Houtwal (in Dutch):
Best Hydroponics:
Matthew Carroll Design (copper garden trellises):
The Natural Food Hub:
Timber Press:
Plant-Tech: http://
Rochester Gardening: