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In an ever-competitive world, the key to success is information. Although, Internet means the reservoir of information, it is very difficult to retrieve the specific information from scattered nature and ever increasing size of World Wide Web. Several horticulture based portal exist but there is no comprehensive site featuring information for farmers, research scholars and policy makers. Keeping this in view, a portal has been developed on Horticulture resources so as to place the profile of this Industry on global map.

The site includes information about seed, nurseries, equipments, machinery, agrochemicals of horticultural importance, hi-tech horticulture consumables, consultants, food processing, books and export oriented firms.

Since, portal has been designed to serve as extensive site on Horticulture featuring organizations, products, symposia/meetings/ seminars, success stories related to horticulture, your inclusion in the said directory will definitely increase business avenues (as well as it will attract several visitors to the directory). If you have your web site please inform us and we will link it with our directory. Hope you cooperation in this endeavor, considered comments and suggestions will make this portal a place of common interest to all related with Horticulture.

Society for Advancement of Horticulture is a nonprofit organization which helps horticulture growers and garden lovers by solving their problems related with production of horticultural crops as well as popularizing the state of art by interaction with farmers and through website which is free for horticulture growers and people interested in horticultural science

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